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Isn't it somehow strange to look at videos and decide who looked better at what age? Miki Ando didn't start skating till she was 9 (I guess), Oda till he was 8 or something, Weir till he was 12 and Kevin vdPerren till he was 10. So I guess these four would have looked pretty stupid at the age of 9 in comparision to Cohen at the age of 9.

And some need more time to land the big jumps, or to look really confident on ice - and some don't. I don't think it says much about the success they will experience later in their career (it would be nice to have a statistic on that: how many highly talented kids turn out to be really better than the ones who took their time to stand out?). Wasn't Buttle a late bloomer with the jumps etc.? Does anybody care now, after he won Worlds, how long he needed to land the 3A? Joubert didn't look too promising at age 15 and 16 (15th at Junior Worlds etc.), 2 years later he bursts on the senior scene with a Bronze at his very first senior international competition (Europeans).

Plus, this admiration-thingy towards baby-athletes always makes me cringe, I can't even listen to Dick Button's commentary e.g. when he commented on a young Kwan, Naomi Nari Nam, Tara Lipinski, Mao Asada in 2005... Didn't he once say "Thanks for the little girls" or something like that?

And so what if Cohen didn't look too impressive at the age of 9 - at age 21 she was good enough for silver at Olympics, isn't that all that counts?

Thanks for your input, however an opinion is just that. You might not think people can think someone looked impressive while others will. You might think Sasha's Olympic silver performance with 2 falls was impressive, and I might not. I think that's why people's opinions are valueable.