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Really, I disagree. I noticed a big difference. especially in her facial expressions and her connection to the music. Mao has been criticized in the past for both and IMO TT has addressed both, at least with this program. I think that Mao's Tango will only get better and will become a favorite of the crowd and of her fans..
Really, really, I disagree. I didn't see ANY connection to the music when Mao skated to this tango - it's my favorite tango music so I was even more disappointed that her performance didn't measure up to the music. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to compare Yu-na's tango performance last year to Mao. In fact, I thought Yu-na's tango music was hard on the ears and her costume, TACKY. However, I do give credit to Yu-na for pulling off above average performance (I thought her tango at Skate Canada was better) despite the negatives I mentioned above.

As for Mao, she's got this GREAT music, STUNNING costume, BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS body and balletic moves, YET she quite doesn't pull it off. She doesn't go all the way and give a performance out there. Maybe she'll get better with more skates to come with this music but the exhibition I saw on DOI looked like generic Mao skating to a different tune, nothing more.