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Thread: Mukhortova and Trankov Ready to Challenge

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    Mukhortova and Trankov Ready to Challenge

    They teamed up on their own initiative but then almost broke up because they didn't get along anymore and had trouble finding the right coach. Now Maria Mukhortova and Maxim Trankov have achieved a viable working relationship, found a suitable coach in Oleg Vasiliev, and are ready to fulfil the promise they have given when they won the 2005 World Junior Championships.


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    I love this couple. I think they have a lot more potential than Kawaguci and Smirnov...........

    Thank you so much for this great article!

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks so much for posting this article! I LOVE Max & Masha and I'd love to see them on the podium at Worlds and Olympics. I know this won't be an easy feat with so many great pairs in the world, but they definitely have the potential for a top 5 finish. I'm very glad to hear that Trankov is doing better recovering from his injury and I'm happy to hear they are excited about new programs for the upcoming season. I hope they are able to fulfill all their hopes and promise.

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    Awww, I like the LP already

    "This program, if it works out as planned, is about Masha and myself," explained Trankov. "We don't really have to play anything on the ice, because it's just us. We'll play ourselves." The team, together with their coach, chose the music. "We really like it," said Mukhortova. "We are enjoying working on this program and we think that this music really suits us." Trankov will play the role of a hooligan, while Mukhortova portrays a young lady who tells him not to come too close to her. "I think we'll be able to illustrate that," added Mukhortova, laughing.

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    There are some photos of practices (off-ice) in russia here:

    They seem to have fun, good for them.
    I love Oleg Vassiliev in this one :

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