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Thread: Underrated Skaters

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    I don't think Urmanov's beating Stojko was as big a deal as Urmanov beating Kurt, Brian B. and Viktor, all of whom fell off their high horses in rather unflattering manners in the SP of that Olympics. They were the ones expected to win, and it confounded North American commentators and other media personnel when they did not. Even Viktor had by then become a NA audience favorite.:D

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    I have to comment on Lulu's remarks about Artur stopping after throwing
    his partner on the throw jumps. I remember the commentators used that
    as a reason for placing G&G over M&D in the Olympics. But you have to
    remember that Artur was throwing a real woman, and Sergei was throwing
    very tiny, very petite Katia. Who had the more difficult job? Yeah, it would've
    been great if Artur could've kept gliding, but, geez, Natalia, while not huge,
    was certainly much heavier than Katia.

    Laura, still thinking Brian was undermarked at Worlds (I forgot about the
    Zayak rule...but he still should've been above Mikey...)

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    I never thought about the size difference between Katia and Natalia when it came to the men's release in the throw. Thanks!

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