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Thread: What Would Brian Boitano Do?

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    Slightly OT . . .

    Speaking of the power outage and who is to blame . . .

    One of the so-called "American" power companies (I can't remember which one) involved in the power outage is actually owned by the British. Maybe CNN should have done some fact checking before they played the "Blame Canada" song.

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    IIRC a cartoon version of Brian actually appeared several times on the South Park series prior to the release of the movie. So it looks like he's been on Trey & Matt's radar for some time.

    I'm fairly sure that any use of "Blame Canada" on CNN was done in complete jest, and I hope we can keep this thread on topic.

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    I realize "South Park" isn't for everyone but I happen to love it. It's in your face and brutally honest. It's been on the air for six years and still manages to stay fresh and edgy. If I need a good laugh or a twisted view on a current event I always tune in for this show. Like so many shows tend to do, it doesn't take itself too seriously and that is part of the appeal for me. As for the "What Would Brian Boitano Do" song, I thought it was funny and, in a weird way, a compliment. They could have gone several different directions and made it a slam. But, it isn't, its just a fun (completely random) song that fits in with the style of the film and show. LOL...I didn't know Brian skated to this, that is wonderful! I'm glad he took it for what it was.

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    Well, I'm glad to know that nobody out there was offended by this post!

    I still dislike the lyrics, but I guess I'm an old fogie in some respects.

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