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Thread: Hamilton Speaks out on Beijing Olympics

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    Hamilton Speaks out on Beijing Olympics

    Scott Hamilton Anticipates Olympic Spirit to Shine Despite Politics.

    Boycotts and protests against China might have marred the Olympic torch journey, but legendary Olympic figure skater Scott Hamilton believes the true spirit of the Games will prevail when the Beijing Olympics kick off next month.

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    scotts hamilton olympic spirit

    i don't know if it has been posted . what scott said about the olympic spirit prevailing over politics. basically i think it is true.
    however when the athletes themselves become part of the problem , than no the olympic spirit doesn't prevail. or when a suit which helps narrow down the margin for 1-3 seconds and they are timed to the thousandth of a second . no it
    doesn't prevail. or when the judged sports overlook minor mistakes and /or major mistakes for the winner/medalist , than no the olympic spirit doesn't prevail.
    sure it means swiftest, fastest, highest. but to each athletes individual swiftest, fastest, highest--without anyhelp from a suit or judge or whatever. but overall with politics being overshadowed sure . it will happen.
    as far a the suit.let them reach that time without the suit

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