Scott Hamilton is the voice of his animated self in the Fairly Odd Parents: Fairly Oddlympics Episode which premires on Nickelodeon on August 1... just in time for the Bejing Olympics.
-- Friday, August 1 (8:00 p.m.) -- The Fairly OddParents "The Fairly Oddlympics" PREMIERE

Timmy Turner convinces the fairies, anti-fairies and pixies to compete in the Fairy World Games to determine once and for all "who is the best magical creature in the universe." Timmy's world competition pits them against each other in rainbow jumping, dragon lifting, North Pole vaulting and the million-year dash -- and covering the momentous event with Timmy is none other than Olympic figure-skating-gold-medalist Scott Hamilton. At first everything is going well for the fairies, as the athletic Jorgen easily wins the first five events for them. But it goes south quickly when the cheating anti-fairies and pixies coerce Timmy into betting his future on the fairies' victory and then knock Jorgen out of the games completely. Timmy's got to take charge of the fairy team and get them to focus before he ends up in the hands of Anti-Cosmo or HP (Head Pixie -- guest voice Ben Stein) forever. And Scott Hamilton's no help because he's convinced he's having the oddest dream of his life.
I can't STAND this cartoon, but I just might have to watch