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Thread: Shen and Zhao in Olympic torch relay

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    Shen and Zhao in Olympic torch relay

    The Olympic torch relay was in Harbin today. The final torchbearers were Xue and Hongbo. Here is an article in English along with a couple of pictures. What an honor for them! They look thrilled!

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    Thanks for posting the article and pics. They do look happy!!! I miss them!!!


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    I'm really pleased for them! They look great and really happy.

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    They so deserve the honor. They look very happy and it must be cool for them!

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    Great champions. Deserving of another moment to celebrate their athletic achievements.

    Wonder what they're up to? Rumours have it that they're being pressured into yet another return... Seems odd that in their wake, a legion of next generation pairs skaters has not come flooding in. Bet they would make a great pair of coaches.

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