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Thread: Tell Me About Tights

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    The judges I know do not put anything on the test papers regarding appearance (clothes, etc)...if there is a problem, they make it their business to quietly and tactfully tell the coach.

    I agree...there are some fashion blunders I wish would disappear. Bad grooming, dirty anything, underwear showing, holes in tights, clothes that do not fit properly and such lead that parade...

    Also, the judges I know do not have a problem with black tights as long as the rest of the outfit is black...they do, however, prefer to see clean white skates with fresh laces instead of the over-the-boot tights.

    Also please test-drive your outfits before any performance so that you can take care of anything that needs attention. The judges I know do not like to see skaters pulling at their clothes during a performance.

    I could go on and on about what I have heard over the years...but this covers just about all of the blunders I have heard judges complain about.

    Remember...if it can be seen by the video-camera, it can be seen by the judges!!

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    i use capezio otb tights! i use otb tights incase you injure or cut your leg or something. just for time and especially in comps.

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    Tell Me About Tights

    There are much better choices now than when I skated. I wore tan or beige tights. Black was not in. I always thought they looked kind of funny with white boots. I guess if one had the type that cover the boots - black would be okay.

    I had a friend who was a ballet dancer and she wore white tights! Now that I think about it, was not a bad choice.

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    Originally posted by rachelstarlet
    I don't have that much to add to this subject, but I've always thought it would be nice if skaters (at the rink, on TV, whatever) wore tights that matched their skating dress. Who said we had to simulate being bare-legged? I think a monochromatic look is nice.
    That trend came and went in the late 80's/early 90's. Check out Valova and Vasiliev from the '88 Games and Mishkutteniok and Dmitriev from '92 for the black tights or monochromatic look. Kristi also wore it a time or two when skating pairs with Rudy. It's not as nice looking as one might think.

    I really like Mondors or Danskin microfiber skating tights; they seem to last forever.

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