Back Crosscuts were scratchy and noisy not on my bad side but what is suppose to be my good side. I'm thinking it has to do with the fact that I just bought a pair of Hammer Toe bracing which changings the way my feet fit in my boots and I probably had my skates tied too tight. I need to break in my boots more too because the more I was bending my knees the more scraping was happening with my left skate's toe pick.

In my lesson I was having trouble getting to my spiral sequence on time the first few run throughs. I was also having trouble breathing (took my inhaler before skating started and then again midway because the air was so thick in the rink and outside it was so humid) so I was getting tired easily when running through my freeskate program.

I am still not hitting the change edge in my spiril sequence consistantly. I only got the change edge about 40% of the time but at least it has improved a bit.

Back spin didn't even get one rotation except for one time.

The one time I did get at least one rotation on my backspin, it came when I started with a forward upright doing about 3 to 4 revs and then stepped onto my right toepick but then I automatically went back to my left foot for another 4 revs. At least I know that I'm not going to have a problem changing feet in the upright position. LOL

Waltz is still decent.
Salchow was on from word go today.
Toe Loops were popping up nicely with good run outs.
Loop still has good rotation and actually was landing on one foot but then I kept stupidly letting my free hip down causing my freeleg to hit the ice. Dah!!!!!!! Soon I will stick this jump.
Flip was only 80% of the time rotating fully. I think this was do to the fact that I was slopping on picking it and waiting to pop off of the toe pick until I started to turn on it. When the rotation was on, I did the same as the loop on the landing.
Lutz didn't get to take-off because the Zamboni made it's warning sound and it was time to leave the ice.

Sitspin was centered and almost low enough (skates were too tight).
Corkscrew is getting cleaned up.
Camel almost made 2 rotations today. Yeay!!! It's almost here.

Did first Camel/sit combo almost have enough rotation to count on the camel and the sit is getting at least 3 revs.

Camel/upright is not a problem at all except I want more rotation on the camel. Have done this one many times when I've been not able to hold onto even one rotation on the camel position. Today I was hitting near 2 revs.

Did about 4 of my very first ever Camel/sit/corkscrew combination spins. Now the camel was a quarter turn short of 2 revs but I was able to snap into the sit for 3 revs and the corkscrew for another 3 revs. I'm planning on skating up once I pass my Prelim Freeskate at the end of summer skating school at the Wyandotte competition in Adult Silver. Plus this spin so fits the last part of my music.