Today hubby and I went to Rainbo Sports Shop for their annual tent sale. I bought three practice dresses for $35 each AND A NEW PAIR OF SKATES AND BLADES!

I'm getting SpTeri Super Teris and MK Phantom blades. We looked at the Super Teris Deluxe but the guy said that at my weight it might be overkill and that the Super Teris should take me through my doubles with no problem. Since I have been used to a very soft boot (from the "olden days"), he felt these would serve me best. They weren't in stock, so they're being ordered.

While we were there, I met Michael Weiss. What a little cutie he is! I got a big poster which he signed. I think he was there on behalf of the Capezio folks. He was so great with the kids who were there, giving everyone advice on their jump take-offs and otherwise just being a regular guy.