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Thread: Reliving another Night - 1997 Ladies' LP (worlds)

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    Reliving another Night - 1997 Ladies' LP (worlds)

    The SP that kept Lu Chen from the LP:

    Fumie Suguri (I forget which group she skated in)-

    Penultimate Group (no particular order; I couldn't find Jo Carter of Australia or Julia Lavrenchuk of Ukraine)

    Nicole Bobek-

    Laetitia Hubert-

    Julia Lautowa-

    Final Group:

    Vanessa Gusmeroli-

    Tara Lipinski-

    Maria Butyrskaya-
    Not available =(

    Krisztina Czako-

    Michelle Kwan-

    Irina Slutskaya-

    That night was scheduled around a school event so I was unable to see it live, but I have it on VHS somewhere at home. Would you have scored it differently?

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    thanks again, Blud Dog for the links. another comp I didn't see.

    Tara was a little more sinecere in this one, but her lacking of edging was quite obvious even in crossovers. She was clever though and knew how to hide her weaknesses. That 3x3 triple loop was so cheated. On the second jump, she spun on the ice for more than 3/4 of a turn before jumping. But that's ok for those fans who contend that the landings are the important part of the jump. And there she was, all bent over on a flat landing. And those paper doll dresses really get to her fans.

    Oh. I'm so nasty about her. I know.

    Michelle, after suffering the heartbreak of a poor SP (4th place) skated a dramatic return to perfect skating. No problem with edging. I did catch a toepick landing on the second part of her 3x3, but so quick was she to put down the heel of the blade and on edge.

    She was, is and will always be better of the two in comparison.

    Will look at some more but must run.

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    thanks for posting this nice collection of videos blue dog! It is so nice to relive an event.

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