I just happen to see this video in which Surya protested against the placement.


I was there at the arena and remember this incident very clearly.

As I watch it now, Surya is in tears, perhaps both very sad and very angry.
Yuka looks sad.
Only Tanya looks happy and joyful. I believe that she was like 16 yrs old.

Midori is saying here like:

"Bonaly skipped the press conference after the technical program. She might be...."

"Because this is a subjective sport.....even when you think that this person would be the first, the result could not necessarily be so..."

Did Surya make any comments after this ceremony in French or in English? Did she believe that she was underrated in her second marks, or both in the first and second marks?

I personally thought them pretty close in their performances at this competition so that it could be controversial. It would be interesting to think how they might have been rated under COP.