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Thread: Got my tickets I can hardly wait...

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    Got my tickets I can hardly wait...

    Got my tickets I can hardly wait
    I'm going to Reading it's going to be great
    The day that I asked him Dad said yes
    All Friday and Saturday, for $70 US

    -Part 1-
    I'm finally seeing Nakano at last
    and Corwin, who I thought was a thing of the past
    I'm kind of sad that Ye Bin won't be there
    but I'm almost too hyped up on Caro to care!
    Carolina, who in my eyes skates no wrong
    but needs to clean programs to get where she belongs
    Two Canadians who didn't go to Worlds
    and Susanna, one of my favorite Finn girls
    We have voidy Galina, who rocks when she's on
    And Lyuda--come on! Land that axel! Come on!
    Shizuka, my fave voidy swan seeded high
    Hit that lutz triple double! Just do it swan, fly!
    In the US, young middle-ranked skaters are many
    so instead of Ye Bin, we applaud ballet-Jenny
    The crowd favorite is Sasha, who should win it all
    That is, if she stands up, focus focus! Don't fall
    We also have Vika, who you never can tell
    she could have a dream skate, she could go through hell
    This past season she had more better, less worse
    Let's hope this is the end of the Vika-Volch-Curse.
    However the unfolds, I know I wil see
    I have tickets to both the short program and free.
    I'll serenade men tomorrow, but oy vey what's the use
    I sound like wannabe, coffee-logged Dr. Seuss.

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    I got my tickets and I'm all pumped up to go! It's going to be great! :D

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    I can't match the poetry, but I hopeI'll be able to go. Do you think that I will be able to buy tickets right up to the time of the event, or do you think it will be sold out?


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    You can probably get tickets now online, but at the box office...I wouldn't bet on it except maybe for the CD and OD...pairs short possibly

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