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Thread: Skating shorts

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    Skating shorts

    What do people think about skating shorts worn over skating tights? And what would be appropriate to wear on the top?

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    It's not a look I like for myself, but I don't mind it on others. Skaters I've seen in shorts generally wear the same tanks or t-shirts they wear over leggings.

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    I often skate wearing shorts over leggings or (dark) tights. I usually wear a t-shirt or turtleneck or some kind of stretch shirt on top.

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    Not my style i'm afraid. I've always favoured keeping muscles warm during training with long leg leggings and several pais of tights with optional leg warmers. Only takes for you to stop for a few minutes to take a drink and then push off again against the cold air for a muscle to pull or worse. So i've never been into the shorts-with-thights-to-the-air look. I think on the top you would wear pretty musch the same things as usual.

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