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Thread: Elena Sokolova - Interview

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    Oh, ok. Thanks. I thought maybe I had done something wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman View Post
    Well, if it were true candor she was aiming at, she could have named the judges she was accusing. That would be Deborah Noyes, Mieko Fujimori, Igor Prokop, Leena Kurri, Florin Gafencu, Evgenia Bogdanova, Francis Betsch, Teri Sedej, Zoya Yordanova, Franco Benini, Jiasheng Yang, Georg Krummenacher, Yury Kliushnikov and Antica Grubisic, those incompetant crooks (I looked it up. )
    All but one -- according to one of the US commentators at Worlds 2003, one judge put Sokolova in 1st in the FS.

    No one knows what most US and Canadian skaters are thinking, regardless of the amount we project on them about what they "must" be thinking, which inevitably is translated into what the Russian skaters say out loud.

    We do know that Pelletier said that if he wanted to be in a sport without judges, he'd have taken up skiing.
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