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Thread: Who should the Fab Five make over?

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    Who should the Fab Five make over?

    On another thread Rgirl suggests that Evgeny Plushenko would profit from the ministrations of the cast of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. My personal nominees would be Elvis Stojko (the leather has got to go) and Tim Goebel (can we do anything with that hair?)

    Which skaters (ladies, pairs and dancers are OK, too) are most in need of a makeover in terms of

    (1) hair and grooming.

    (2) culture (includes taste in music)

    (3) dress (on or off the ice)

    (4) home decor (several skaters' homes have been featured in skating magazines)

    (5) food and wine (Michelle likes raw fish wrapped in seaweed)


    PS. I couldn't figure out how to make this into a poll, so just list your answers, with commentary or pictures.

    PPS. Did you see what Carson had on at the MTV video awards? Physician, heal theyself.

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    So many, Mathman.

    MK - get rid of that blue and gold dress

    Evgeni - a whole new concept in costume, a hair style, a make over, and a nice vodka and caviar after the skate.

    Johnny - Costumes changed, let the eyebrows grow back, hair style, a spa for relaxing, a hamburger and coke after the skate.

    I could go on but I'm busy.


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    Plushenko seriously needs a makeover - what is with the hair?

    Sarah could use TONS of work in all areas, but from what I can tell she's not a skater anymore, so she doesn't count here.

    Tchernyshev (sp?) - he's stuck in the '80's a bit. Lang could use some work w/hair and makeup....but, are they skating anymore, either?

    Stojko - definitely, but not sure what exactly could be done for him.

    Petrova and Tikhonov...and...yes, Totmianina and Marinin could use a little help with the image.

    Weiss - if Stojko has to give up his leather - so does Mike!!

    Candeloro - c'mon fella', your look was hot in the early '90's...let's change w/the times!

    And, finally, Nancy Kerrigan's choice of costumes has been hideous ever since she left the ranks of eligible skating (and Vera Wang) and started picking out her own dresses....someone please give this girl some taste!!!!

    Sandhu - no more rouge!

    And, finally, Weir - you are skating in MEN'S singles - not LADIES - costumes, hair, and skating technique have not shown me that he fully grasps that concept!!

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