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Thread: Anabelle Langlois Injured

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    If Langlois/Hay and Kawaguchi Smirnov are both unable to compete at Skate Canada, then there would be three unfilled spots: two due to injury, and the current TBD, slated to go to Kirkland/Radford or the Moscovitches, depending on who finishes higher at Nebelhorn.

    One of the vacancies due to injury would be a host spot (replacing L/H), and this team DOES NOT have to be in the top 75 on the SB list. Canada could choose from these (*=JGP eligible):

    The other team from the Nebelhorn (K/R or M/M)

    The second replacement due to injury COULD NOT be a Canadian team, since the 3 host spots would be filled. Candidates must be on the SB list (as there are only 69 teams on the list [including splits and retirements], they are all "top 75"):

    With one GP assignment:
    *Krasilnikova/Bezmaternikh #15
    *Iliushina/Maisuradze #17
    Li/Xu #18
    Evora/Ladwig #21
    *Sheremetieva/Kuznetsov #23
    Trombley/Ibarra #24
    Canac/Coia #25
    *Sergejeva/Glebov #26
    *Zhang/Wang #27
    Ushakova/Karev #28
    Kemp/King #29
    Chaitaigner/Bouzzine #43

    No assignments as yet:
    Magitteri/Hotarek #31
    Khodkova/Sliusarenko #32
    Guillen/Curzon #34
    Butler/Jacobsen #36
    Vartmann/Just #38
    *Morand/Dorsaz #40
    *Sunyoto-Yang/Sulindro-Yang #41
    *Castelli/Shnapir #45
    *Takahashi/Tran #46
    Della Monica/Kocon #47
    Zanforlin/Degli Esposti #49
    Sacks/Akolzin #50
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    Any update on Annabelle? Hope she is mending smoothly...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lcd View Post
    Any update on Annabelle? Hope she is mending smoothly...
    I think she was seen in the audience at the Mariposa Gala, since she and Cody were to skate there, but Skate Canada hasn't given an update yet... though I'm fairly certain they won't be at HomeSense Skate Canada International, which is quite a pity for them and the fans... and everyone involved, really.


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