I went to get my skates fitted in march the day before my 1st group lesson. We decided on Reidell Gold Medallions. I was fitted as a size 7 extra wide, but she let me try on reg width. They felt fantastic. When I removed the skate, my foot was a little red, but thats not a problem to me (I have normal ball of the foot and narrow heals). She said no no no, you have to get X wide. So we have to wait a month. I try them on and they feel waaaaay wide in the heal. She says theyre my size and my mom agrees and it turns into a thing of my mom saying she wont let me buy the reg skate (even with my money). So I buy xwide.

The break in went well, however my heal has always slid. I have to spend a long time lacing them tight in someplaces and loose in others in order to jump. Landing is really rotten becuse they are to thick (the meausrement other than legnth and width) in the ball of the foot and so I dont always settle back in fast enough.

Now Im having a hard time with keeping the laces tight and I get irritated often.

i was talking to my friend and she said that the girl who fit my skates is known for just going by #s and not how it feels to the skater.

I dont think I will have them too much longer (ie we will call harlick when I get xmas $). I just wanted to rant...