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Thread: Michelle and that elusive 3/3

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    Michelle and that elusive 3/3

    It's the off season and hey we need a skater to criticize and Kwan fit the bill. But on a serious note. I know she's a great skater and has what it takes to win a 6th world title, but does anyone really think she can win with a 6 triple progarm again?
    I don't want to rule it out, but i'm very skeptical about that. Some have seen what the Japaense ladies can do and some have heard(like my self) and plus Elena with a consistent 2 3/3s and only god knows what she has instore for us in terms of technical difficultie.
    Plus some of the younger US ladies coming up who are technically strong.

    With the season soon beginning and Michelle deciding not to participate in the GP series again, she should have atleast a consistent 3/3 or will 6-7(when was the last time she completed 7 triples in one program) get her by again?

    Here is how I see. If Michelle is taking off the GP series, she'll have a few months to practice and get her programs consistent. There is no excuse(other then an injury) why she can't practice or atleast have a 3/3 in her arsenal of jumps.
    Maybe it's wise that she has a few competitions in her schedule but it's going to be really something when other female skaters are landing 3/3s and quads in front of her.

    Go ahead now, throw those tomatoes at me. *ouch*:D
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