I was just watching this show on the E! Network. It is hosted by Melissa Rivers, another woman I recognize, but can't remember her name, and a man. They were showing the best and worst dressed of the recent weeks. They showed Tara from the Teen Choice Awards and said, "What has happened to Tara Lipinski? She's not skating anymore, so what, she can't find any clothes?" They pointed out that she was showing too much skin, even though she is young and in shape, and said that "there was too much going on with her look", with the ruffley skirt, ornate shoes, loose hair, and especially the purple eye makeup. The three hosts were actually laughing at her. One of the women said that Tara did a triple salchow but fell flat. Yikes! A little later in the show, the male host was complimented on how well his boots complimented his outfit, and Melissa Rivers said, "Unlike Tara Lipinski's".

Since Tara is trying to make it in Hollywood, I don't know if she should care about reviews like this or not, but it can't help!