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Thread: Favorite Skating Costumes

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    Thumbs up Favorite Skating Costumes

    Some of my favorite figure skaters have worn absolutely lovely, stunning costumes. My long list of "favorite costumes" includes:

    Dorothy Hamill's "American Beauty Rose" dress worn at the 1976 Winter Olympics.

    Peggy Fleming's retro-chartreuse dress worn at the 1968 Winter Olympics. Rhinestones around her neck and wrists. Lovely!

    Michelle Kwan's simple yet elegant long program dress worn at the 1998 Winter Olympics.

    Fumi Suguri's lovely dark blue/light blue dress worn at the 2002 Winter Olympics. A perfect setting for "Moonlight Sonata".

    Katarina Witt's flaming-red "Carmen" outfit worn for the 1988 Winter Olympics. She really looked like Carmen, and she played the role to the hilt.

    Sasha Cohen's "Carmen" outfit worn at the 2002 Winter Olympics.
    Beautifully cut, elegant, and dramatic.

    John Curry's simple jumpsuit worn at the 1976 Winter Olympics.

    Brian Boitano's dark blue military outfit for his 1988 Winter Olympics "Napoleon" long program.

    Brian Orser's red military outfit for his 1988 Winter Olympics "The Bolt" long program.

    And the list goes on and on......

    What are your favorites????

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    Sarah's Oly LP costume
    MK's Lyra Angelica
    Vika's deep purple Four Seasons costume
    Sasha's Oly SP costume
    Yag's Winter costume
    Yag's OverCome costume
    Tim's American in Paris costume
    B/S's Oly SP costumes
    L/T's 03 FD costumes

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    There are just sooo many I love, I'd probably be here all day if I tried to list all of them, but here are my particular favorites:

    G&G's Moonlight Sonata costumes

    S&P's Love Story, Come Fly With Me, and Jalousie costumes

    Almost everything B&K wore in their pre-Tarasova days

    Sarah Hughes' Fosse catsuit

    Almost everything Kristi, Josée and Michelle ever wore (I can only think of one or two costumes from each of these skaters I didn't like)

    Brian Orser's first Somewhere In Time costume (even though I'm probably the only one who liked that outfit better than his second silver costume)

    Kurt Browning's Casablanca, Brickhouse, Nyah, his green Serenade To Sonia costume, any of his "non-costume" costumes, and one outfit in particular which, unfortunately, he's only worn once:

    These are the only two photos I could find of the "tuxedo" outfit Kurt wore during Kristi Yamaguchi's show last year. I really wish Kurt had worn this costume for his "How Do You Keep The Music Playing" program--not that there was anything wrong with the outfit he did wear, of course, but I just thought such a dramatic, classy program deserved an equally elegant, classy costume! I'm crossing my fingers Kurt will dig this outfit out of the closet for one of his numbers next year!

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    Michelle Kwan's Romanza costume, Salome, DOD #1 and #2, Ariane, Both Dantes Prayer costumes, the White East of Eden, the fuschia "Song of The Black Swan", The dark Blue, black and red Scherezedes, The indigo Rach as well as the Feeling Begins costume

    Kristi Yamaguchi- Most of her Amatuer costumes as well as many professional costumes.

    Sasha- Bluish purple "My Sweet and Tender Beast", Trophee Lalique Red and Black Carmen as well as her malguena costume, "Hernandos Hideaway", Her purple Skate Canada Rachmoninoff Costume as well a Her Peacock print Romeo and Juliet costume

    Angela: Her sky blue Cinderella costume, the Purple Eyes Wide Shut costume The aqua and seafoarm Serenity Costume, Her Sleeping Beauty Costume as well as her Giselle Costume

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    There's so many! I've tried to find some pictures, but not all of them show the costume that well - they usually look nicer during the skate than in a still.

    Sasha Cohen - Malaguena (black with bright flashes of colour on the skirt and wrist)
    Sasha Cohen - My Sweet and Tender Beast (blue-white with sparkles on the skirt)
    Ekaterina Gordeeva - Reverie (light blue with faint sparkles and a knee-length, slashed skirt)
    Jayne Torvill - Summertime (black and sparkly with pale pink and black ribbons on the skirt and shoulders)
    Jayne Torvill - Bolero (purple with gold cord round the waist and sheer purple sleeves)
    Anton Sikharulidze - Dark Eyes (dark red with a jacket)
    Elena Berezhnaya - Meditation (red with pink in the skirt and a wide back)
    Elena Berezhnaya - The Kid (blue with short trousers and a jumper-style top)
    Tara Lipinski - Tiny Dancer (pink gypsy-style top and a short blue skirt)
    Kristi Yamaguchi - Desert Rose (pink/red, with a skirt made up of pieces)
    Evgeny Plushenko - St Petersburg 300 (black and grey, in a lopsided waistcoat design)
    Michelle Kwan - Lyra Angelica (pale blue and simple with a sparkly illusion strip on the top of the back)
    Michelle Kwan - Red Violin (dark velvet with gold uneven trim across the top)
    Naomi Lang - Parisienne Walkways (red and sparkly)
    Sarah Hughes - Fosse (black sparkly unitard with gloves)
    Josee Chouinard - An American in Paris (pink tank top and gloves, and orange skirt [iirc])
    Oksana Baiul - Swan (white ballet-style, with a headpiece and jewel in the centre of the chest)

    Ok, I'd better stop now...

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    Forgot one - Maria Butyrskaya's white LP dress from 01 Worlds. Beautiful.

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    Nancy Kerrigan's Vera Wangs.

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    Im having mind blocks right now but definately these:

    Sasha Cohen - Olympic SP

    Michelle Kwan - The Feelings Begin

    Sarah Hughes - Olympic LP

    Yags - Winter

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    Two more favorite costumes:

    Karen Magnussen's pink dress with white/silver Canadian maple leafs, worn for the 1972 season. Really pretty.

    Janet Lynn's absolutely basic, no-frills hot pink skating costume worn for the 1972 season.

    Sometimes "less is more".

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    My favorite costumes ever are Gordeeva and Grinkov's Moonlight Sonata outfits. Those costumes were so unique, simple, and breathtaking. The plain severity of the costumes was a perfect match for the quiet drama of the music and, in particular, the calm perfection of Gordeeva and Grinkov's technique. A brilliant choice. Because there was no prettiness, fluff, or flash to the outfits, you concentrated solely on the beauty of the program, the music, and the skating itself, rather than being distracted by the costumes.

    Other costumes that stand out in my mind . . .

    Michelle Kwan: Lyra Angelica
    Chen Lu: The Last Emperor
    Kristi Yamaguchi: Romeo and Juliet, Bridge over Troubled Water
    Nicole Bobek: Doctor Zhivago
    Josee Chouinard: An American in Paris
    Angela Nikodinov: Her white LP dress at 1991 Nationals

    I'd vote for Kristi Yamaguchi as the best-dressed ladies' skater overall. Most of her costumes are just beautiful, and her hairstyle always matches the costume well, too.

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    Nicole Bobek: Doctor Zhivago
    ITA - Her white 1995 SP dress was amazing too. She always looked so sharp (fashion-wise).

    Many of those named earlier.

    M&D's 1992 SP & LP outfits were original and gorgeous

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    Michelle Kwan
    Romanza SP
    Schez LP (red)
    Ariane LP
    Rach SP (purple)

    Shen & Zhao Turandot LP

    Sasha Cohen Malaguena SP

    Alexei Yagudin MITIM LP

    Tim Goebel An American in Paris LP (btw I love the edge in this pic :D)

    Lang & Tchernyshev
    2003 OD
    2003 Still Loving You FD

    Bereznaya & Sikharalidzue Meditation LP Olympics

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    Berezhnaya/Sikharulidze: Charlie Chaplin (exhibition, Olys 2002)
    Winkler/Lohse: Energy (Bofrost 2002)
    Yags: "Gladiator", "Mitim", "Nutcracker", "Winter"
    Brian Joubert: "Time"
    Vakhtang Murvadnize: SP 2002/2003
    Oxana Baiul: "Swan Lake" (white swan costume)

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    anything worn by angela nikodinov

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    Nicole Bobek's gorgeous blue "Doctor Zhivago" costume that she wore during the 1995 season was stunning. WOW!!

    Nancy Kerrigan's black sequined dress she wore for her long program during the 1991 season was another goregeous costume. WOW!


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