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    Next time there's an office brown-noser you need to
    get rid of, leave a copy of this book on his desk where
    the boss will see it.

    "When Smart People Work for Dumb Bosses: How to
    Survive in a Crazy, Dysfunctional Workplace."
    co-authored by Kathleen Lundin

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    Boy, do I know a few of "those" types at work!

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    Boy. did I ever need that book when I worked for a certain sports medicine and rehab equipment manufacturer on Long Island. At one point they were paying people $30k a year to do NOTHING because the equipment wasn't ready, so if you were lucky enough to be hired in a state outside of NY, you could work at a part-time job and make more money than people working at two full-time jobs. Idiot me worked out of the home office, where the director told us that we were the "lucky" ones because we got to see everything that was going on.

    And boy did we see it. We had the cliche bubble headed dumb southern blonde who was sleeping with the married VP of the company -- and don't you know she went to church with said VP and his wife when she was in town -- got a promotion at the speed of light and I just barely dodged the bullet of having to work for her. But I still had to work with her and watch her, five to 10 years younger than everybody else, march around the office as if she were about to deploy ground forces. Women with more education, experience, intelligence, integrity, character, and everything than she, women with husbands and children, had to answer to this snot-nosed little witch and she loved lording her power over them. One woman had to get a prescription for Buspar, an antianxiety drug, just to get through meetings with this chick. And of course the mucky mucks loved her -- hey, she was the VPs mistress, they knew what side their bed was buttered on. And that's not a typo. Anyway, the company stock was at 22 when I started there in 1985. I quit in '89 and last time I looked, about '92, the stock was at .05. How could you lose money on sports medicine and exercise equipment in the '80s! Especially when you were the "big guys" going in. Anyway, all heads rolled, they sold the company off, and moved it to another state.

    If I'd been smart, I would have written that book, because I did indeed survive and learn how to lie with the worms if it meant making the money they owed you. I'll have to get that book, though. I bet it's the same in all such jobs. Thanks for the tip.

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    Hi Rgirl:D What company was it that you worked for? I probably would have ended up slugging the "bubble headed dumb southern blonde" or at least trip her as she "march around the office as if she were about to deploy ground forces".

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