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I read all posts on this thread and suddenly came to wonder what if a skater attempted a triple jump with terrible under-rotation and landed with severe over-rotation after around 2 and a half airturns. How is it going to be marked? Is it going to be dinged both for under-rotation and over-rotation? Or is it going to be ratified as a triple jump?
It appears inthe judges protocols as, for instance, 3T<. The "<" means that, for scoring purposes, it has been downgraded to double. So it gets the same base score as a 2T. But it counts as a 3T for purposes of applying the Zayak rule.

As far as I know there is not a specific deduction for overrotation, but -- as Joe points out with respect to the triple Axel -- if a jump is overrotated there will automatically be problems on the landing which will result in a negative GOE on top of the downgrade.