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    Trivia contest birthday prizes

    On the old board we had a series of trivia games going on to win birthday prizes for our favorite skaters. If anyone gets inspired (and feels generous enough to offer a prize), we could start up again some time. FYI here are the winners so far:

    Eltamina for Tara Lipinski, June 10, (this wasn't exactly a trivia contest, Eltamina just wanted to send Tara something nice). A set of romance CDs.

    Freddy the Pig for Michelle Kwan, July 7, prize offered by Eltamina, the same 4 CD set that Tara got (so as not to play favorites, LOL)

    Ptichka for Belbin and Agosto, July 11 (Tanith), prize offered by Mathman, selected by Eltamina, Tarantella dance music.
    FourDogKnight, for Dorothy Hamill, July 26, prize offered by Eltamina, donation to the USFSA 1961 Memorial Fund in Dorothy's name.

    emiC for Jenny Kirk, August 15, prize offered by Mathman, selected by Eltamina, Rachel Barton CD, Brahms violin concerto.

    CBorsky, for Jeffrey Buttle, September 1, prize offered by Mathman, selected by Eltamina, Stravinski CDs, Firebird, Rite of Spring et. al.

    FourDogKnight, for Brian Boitano, October 22, prize offered by Eltamina, 2 CD set , Carmina Burana and sacred music of Palestrina and others.

    SkatingCanuck, for Jennifer Robinson, December 2, prize offered by Eltamina, 4 CD set of love songs.

    Mathman, for Fumie Suguri, December 31, prize offered by RTureck, to be chosen.

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