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Thread: Michael Weiss' "Tornado" Move

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    Originally posted by guinevere
    I can't help but root for Weiss - there's something about him that makes me like him as a skater despite his ego. I think he is one of the more musically talented male skaters when he's not too busy preening for the audience, and he has real skating ability in there. I just wish he would make up his mind what it is he wants out of his skating career and put himself fully into it.
    I'm with you. Well, I may not be rooting for him (especially), but I like his skating and agree with what you wrote.

    That said, I think that the tornado move is cool, but I'd rather he saved it for Hallmark (and similar competitions), and concentrated on skating a clean program.

    I wonder who's going to land the quad lutz in competition this season (on two feet, I mean). If I'm not mistaken, Plush's going to try. If he does, my guess is, he'll succeed.

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    I think you hit the nail on the head by using 'preening' to describe MW. He seems more intent upon making a 'splash' rather than doing a good job.

    As I've mentioned before, I liked MW before he started working on the quad - he seemed so much more interesting as a skater because of his musical choices and his go-for-it attitude. For a while, he seemed like all he cared about was being the 1st American to land a quad, but Tim beat him to it (as a junior). After that, it appears that all he cares about is landing a clean quad in competition and he's by no means consistent at it. Given the state of US Men's figure skating, I think that he should concentrate on the clean program and show the class of Todd in doing what he does best.

    Now, it seems as though he's desperate. Maybe he is.... with his current track record, I'd be surprised if he was asked to join SOI. COI has reduced its schedule. If he's looking to go pro, there doesn't seem to be a lucrative contract for him. He's gotta realize that he's on the back end of his eligible career and he's got a family to support.

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    I've always liked Michael Weiss, his skating is interesting, musical, and innovative. In a sport where people are always trying to "reinvent" themselves, people should be applauding his efforts to bring something unique to the ice. I don't know him personally, and his personal life is just that "personal". I don't care if he appears to be "preenish" (is that a word GrGranny?) or arrogant, I just enjoy watching him skate............

    By the way, I saw him skate in COI last year and he was amazing, freedom blades and tornado included........the crowd loved him........42

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    I just think (to repeat myself) that I can't understand why Michael Weiss would consider including a high-risk "flashy" move such as the "Tornado" in his exhibitions, given the potential for injury.
    He has been injured and reinjured so many times during the past few years - why risk another injury for such a silly, unnecessary move? IMHO, of course.

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    It gymnastics terms its called a "full" so if I (being a gymnast) call it a full .. thats what I mean. The only difference between this is a back tuck (or back flip) is seeing the ice / ground,and looking over one shoulder, causing a twist. It is in his blood to do this move as his father was an Olympic gymnast. I am not defending it ... I do NOT think that it should be included in eligible competations. Exhibition wise .. Id love to see it! Everybody Ohhed and Ahhh for years over Hamilton and company's back tucks .. Why not add a twist? His freedom blades arnt even necessary for the move.
    Go for it ... and remember "set, toes, twist!" (How I teach a full to my gymnasts)

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