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    Dear Granny

    I am replying to this lovely note from Grandma. Because she is not able to get email.

    "What are you up to now-a-days? Haven't heard from you for ever so long. We'll have to get back in touch! I am unable to do email right now but hope to have it up and running soon. Warm wishes. Great Granny"

    I am doing pretty well and I expect that you are too. In the last couple of years I went back to school to become a Clinical Medical Assistant. I was able to go back to school while on disability during a 44 week treatment for hepatitis c. I lost 50 lbs in one one and a lot of hair in one month. Actually, I handle the treatment fairly well. So many cannot complete the treatment. Since then the Hepatitis C came back and I am on the treatment again. This time I am working through the treatment. If my doctors find that the treatment is working and after three months it seems to be working then I expect it will be additional year on the treatment. I am also very involved in my church.

    My little Lulu is eight years old now. It was in that other form (pre-golden skate) that she came into my life and my golden skate forum side kick. So it's been eight years since we came to the Golden Skate forum. She is still landing her Salchow on all fours but the rotation is clean (take off and landing). I told her that you sent your regards as I am sure you intended to. Naturally she is curious to hear how you are getting on.

    Because of school, illness and work we have not visited the forum much except to read posts. We do continue to follow the figure skating but must confess that we are still using the 6.0 scoring system.

    We intend as the coming season approaches to participate more in the forum and comment on the sport that we know and love so.

    We hope to hear from you as we post in the forum.
    God Bless and you are in our prayers and purrrrs

    Daniel and Little Lulu (the baby)
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    Got my email fixed so can receive it now. Forgive me for doing this in the forum but figured this was the best way to answer so if people don't want to read my personal stuff, they don't have to.

    It's been a really hard year. One good thing is that my daughter came back and lives with me now. I am so glad. I hate being alone. We get along really well.

    I put my house on the market last Sept. and just sold it a short while ago. This one is only 6 years old but the people really trashed it and I had to have the inside all repainted and all new flooring except for kitchen and bathrooms. It's really hard as it's not even half the size of my other house we had built in 1966. We had a lot of cupboards and over 2800 sq. ft. This one has a walkout finished basement. Had to sell lots of stuff and still have lots to get rid of. We did have a really good sale. When we finally get things straightened out will have to go through all the jewelry, stones & metal and try to sell it. Not in a hurry with the silver as the market is not good right now. My angel daughter came for a couple of days earlier this week and we found the dining room, kitchen, and living room.

    I have not been all that well. Keep getting kidney infections and landed in the hospital a few weeks ago. Now they put me on long term antibiotics. I have chronic Nephritis. My auto immune diseases are worse too. This morning my Sunday school class met and ate at a restaurant this morning and I told them "If it's so hard to get up now, what will I do when I get old?" (I will be 80 in April.) We did have quite a bit of help packing and moving but it was still pretty rough when you aren't in good health in the first place.

    Had several guys at the sale that do lapidary and silversmithing and offered to help me go through stuff. I don't think they are quite as old as I but maybe they're single.

    My back yard has a bunch of trees and weeds on the other side of the property line and then is a wheat field. Most people hope they don't sell it (and they won't) but I wouldn't mind as then there wouldn't be so many snakes.

    I can sure relate to the Hepatitis. I didn't know that I had had it when I was around six. I was sick all summer. Didn't find out what it was until about 25 years ago when they ran tests on me when I had my gall bladder out. My folks had moved up to run the ranch (Grampa's) that summer and I stayed with my grandparents. I was glad I didn't have to be on the ranch (in the sandhills) as there were snakes all over. (I was raised in Nebraska and the east side of town where we lived were farms and the west side of town was the sandhills with ranches.) They were the foothills of the Black Hills.

    Hope I haven't bored everyone too much.

    Give Lulu a pet for me and best wishes to both of you and thanks for asking.
    Grgranny, DEFINITELY!

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    I loved hearing from both GrGranny and both bring back such warm memories for me of Golden Skate years ago. I don't post too much either anymore but will try to more often as figure skating gears up for another season........glad to see you still have Little, Lulu, Kzarah...............42

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