I'm in a down period now, I really miss figure skating. Especially Worlds 5 months ago. It was the week of my life. The atmosphere, the audience, the thrilling competitions, meeting new friends, meeting&chatting with my favourite skaters. It was such a golden moment I'll remember the rest of my life.
But now I'm so sad missing all this And it's summer=no skating. I really long for next season to start.
I listen to my iPod-playlist with songs only from Worlds (The last song is ABBA - 'The winner takes it all', doesn't make me much happier....), making banners&avatars to use on other forums, starting fs threads on other-subject forums to try to make people love and discuss fs. My 5000 photos from the week need to be sorted as well and I'm going to frame my big 'official Worlds Kristoffer'-poster and put the signed photos and tickets there as well. This will hopefully ease my pain and make the time until Oct run faster.

What do you do when you miss a certain event or just fs in general during low season?