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Thread: The most overrated skaters/programs/comps

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    The most overrated skaters/programs/comps

    This isn't meant to be a bash thread. But what do you think are some of the most overrated skaters, programs and comps in skating?

    S&P's "Love Story" I actually LIKE this program, although IMO it is not even close to be in the same league as Medi. But it is way overrated. It does have nice jumps, but the reason why (many) people seem to like it is the expresions of Jamie and David's face and the "acting" i.e.-the snowball fight. I have no problem with theatrics on the ice, but when the possing and handmotions overtake the actual skating-then there is a problem. The choreography is too simple.

    Yags footwork: I know I know, I have sinned. I just don't see the big deal about his footwork. (Currently being exhiled to skating purgatory). It just seems to "Lord of the Dance" for me. Although sometimes I do enjoy it. I guess I just see it as being overhyped.
    Also his exhibition where he did the pushups. I had no problem with it-up to the push ups.

    Sarah Hughes: Seems like a Very nice person, has a lot of great skating qualities, but she just seems akward on the ice at times.

    S&Z's: They went from being underrated to overrated. They are a very nice team, and have great jumps and I'm glad they won. But I can't really see them as being the "greatest pair team" or Turnadot as being the greatest Pairs LP ever-although it was nice.

    Candeloro: Is he good looking? Sure. He is entertaining-Yes. He just panders way too much to the audience for me. He is more about charisma and showmanship than artistry, musicality.

    I'll think of more:D

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