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Thread: Great new Sasha program!

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    Great new Sasha program!

    Abt that is:D

    I saw this posted on FSU. The review is from the Alexei Yagudin group.

    Abt is skating to "Nyah" as well as a slower song called "Ethan and Nyah" for his LP.
    It sounds like a very nice program, with apparently great footwork.
    He performed it at the Prince Ice World in Japan. Unfornately, those of us in the states probably won't be able to see it until the Cup of Russia. For those of you in Russia, he's going to perform at Artur Dmitriev's show in St. Petersburg.
    His exhibition skate was also popular.

    I really hope this is his year.

    Prince Ice World Review
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    Lulu - Sasha Abt has to be among my top 5 present day skaters and he is numero uno as far as flow over the ice is concerned.

    I am just so happy to hear he ditched that Bolero. Most monotonous music ever written I know how much I will be hated for this but even with T&D, I would have remoted the skate if it were to go on another minute.

    Not crazy about Ravel and Delibes either.


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