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Thread: Following change, Volosozhar and Morozov are poised to shine

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    News Following change, Volosozhar and Morozov are poised to shine

    Very good article, I hope they'll do well this year!

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    I think the move to Ingo is a good idea. He knows pairs skating. Hopefully, he can help them gain consistency.

    I've loved this team since they first appeared on the scene and I really want them to do well this year. Volosozhar is too fabulous not to end up with a Worlds medal.

    Very good interview. It's nice to get some insight on the skaters.

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    I really enjoyed their skating last season and hope that they do well this season. Great article.


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    I think that working with Ingo is a great idea. However, I'm worried that their skating will look too much like Aliona's and Robin's, seeing as they already have a similar style.

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    I hope next season will a successful one. Volosozhar is one of the best female pair skaters around. And their triple twist is right up there with the Chinese skaters!

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