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Thread: Are You A Nomadic Adult or Kid Skater?

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    Question Are You A Nomadic Adult or Kid Skater?

    This is the first year that I will become an adult nomad skater for the fall/winter season going from one ticket ice/city ice/arena to the next just trying to get enough ice time throughout the weak to train. For now, I have no idea what my schedule will be like.

    Things that I do like about being a nomad. I only pay when I skate. I get to pic the when and where if it's available. It's much cheaper per hour than club ice. Most of the time there are much less skaters on the ice during the day. If I feel like taking a day off from skating, I don't loose ice time or money.

    What I don't like about being a skating nomad is that I have to call the arena(s) to check for cancellations so that I don't waste my time going to the wrong rink and find a hockey game going on. I have to know more than 1 rink schedule. I have to call my coach the night before to tell him where there is ice and hope that he's available to coach me. I may not get to skate at the new arena complex, Windsor Family Credit Union Centre. If testing or doing a competition, I have to send in forms with my coach to my member club to be signed by the club presidient or test chair well in advanced so that I can get these sent in on time.

    I'm wondering how other adult skaters or elite skaters or coaches handle the member of a skating club in name only being a skating nomad?

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    There are lots of nomadic kid skaters. It's the norm, I think.

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    I am a part time nomad. I skate at my club normally but guest at other clubs. It is nice to see other skaters and how they train.

    PS-i am not an adult lol

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    I used to be, but luckily when I moved I found a rink right down the street whose schedule offers enough sessions and flexibility that it works with my schedule. Although it was nice to go around to different rinks and see different skaters and techniques, nothing beats having a home in my opinion. There were too many schedules and multi-session passes to keep track of. Plus I never knew if a rink was going to be more crowded than normal becuase testing/competitions/etc. and couldn't mentally plan for that. My "main" rink back then was almost always dead empty and I loved it becuase on more than one occassion I had a full Olympic size sheet to myself, but they've more or less done away with their freestyle programs since their headliner coach left.

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    I'm not a nomatic skater, but I do skate out of 2 different clubs in the winter and test out of 4 and a different one in the summer. It's nice sometime to mix up the enviornment. At one of my clubs I'm the only free skater on most sessions unless there's another one guest skating. My other club almost everyone on the ice is a free skater so it's a nice change.

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