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Thread: Unusual Moves

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    Unusual Moves

    Since Glacierskater got us all thinking about footwork, maybe it would be good to also start a thread on unusual moves or even just interesting arm positions that can take an ordinary move and make it unique.

    Can we do some brainstorming and share some ideas back and forth here? I'd like to add them to my "Someday Soon" list, which means right after passing the next test this month, for at least 10 minutes each practice, I'm going to work on one or more of these elements.

    For example, my Silver program must have a camel/sit combo. My coach asked if on the sit if I could keep my left arm straight forward and put my right arm straight back. Yes, I can. Now I'm toying with spreading the fingers on each of the hands as wide as they can go, like a "jazz hand" (except I can't quite do it with the cast on, but I'll be able to do it once it's off). WHEN I line up the arms, I must say this looks really cool.

    At Friday's practice, I also messed around with the one-foot spin coming out of the above camel/sit. I found that if I left my right foot forward and turned out (instead of bringing it in and up to my knee), and if I kept my "jazz hands" sort of turned out and low, with the left in front, right in back, it made the spin real tight and fast (and cool -- I could hear my husband remarking on it from the sidelines. He said it looked like something Michelle Kwan might do). Well, good enough for me! I think it's fun and I've worked it into my program.

    I also toyed with adding a corkscrew spin at the end of my stand-alone camel. It fits in perfectly with a jump in music tempo. Voila, a moment of interest. The other 4 people on the ice at the time were intrigued.

    It's funny how even just hand/arm changes can make a world of difference. I look at that Yagudin video. Sometimes he's just doing back crossovers, but his body postures are awesome.

    It's been so long since my "real" skating days, I'd love any suggestions we can continue to give.

    Bring 'em on!

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    It's funny since most of the little "flourishes" I do involve lutzes. My entry with my arms is kinda weird. I do a half circle with my right arm, kinda like I'm doing the back crawl with one arm. It gets me set into the correct take off position. I had that choreographed into one of my solos a few years back, and it's totally stuck.

    Another thing I do with lutzes, is hydroblade into them. I hydroblade on my left foot, then stand up and lutz out of nowhere. It looks cool when done right.

    And yes, I do agree that arm changes can make a world of difference in a program. Even that little extra reach in your cross cuts can give a totally different feel to the mood and personality of the program. I love the freedom of being able to express different things just a little extra attention to the presentation.

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