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Thread: Ice Dance Preview, The Competitors

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    Ice Dance Preview, The Competitors

    Here's the competitive records and some videos and pictures of the competitors, where they have been available (BTW, LPIDC is the recent Lake Placid International Ice Dance Championships). Junior Worlds 2008 is still available If you are not in the US, it is also available on the ISU website, if you want to check out the performances of some of the Courcheval competitors who skated there. Also the US Nationals competitions at the Junior and Novice level are also on icenetwork, so the performances of the Shibutanis and Wolf/Ainsworth can be viewed there.

    Here is the icenetwork page where you can find the performances of the Shibutanis and Wolf & Ainsworth. You will have to refer to the order of skate to determine the position to pull the status bar to in order to find the performance you want to see.

    Link to the portion of icenetwork where the World Junior Championships can be viewed:

    This page at the ISU has your opportunity to view Junior Worlds if you are not a US resident.,00.html

    Back to viewing junior worlds. Watching the OD can give you an idea of these skaters best, I think.

    Order of Skate, OD
    OD 3rd to skate Palamaki Klimova (Fish slapping dance from Spamalot (Finns)
    OD 5th to skate Guan Wang Chinese Dance (I’m no judge but I found it enjoyable)
    OD 6th to skate Asadchaya Lamtyugin Beloruss Hungarian folk dance slow out of synch and not folky czardas
    OD 9th to skate Visnova and Csolley SVK Slovak Folk Dance (I like this one)
    OD 12th to skate Guignard Paulmier Country & Western (Dixie Chicks Let Her Rip & Stand By Your Man cover & Do You Want to Go? (bad cuts, little C&W feeling)
    OD 27th to skate Mysliveckova Novak Ieva’s polka (finnish)
    OD 29th to skate Ralph Hill SA folk dance

    1 Hanna ASADCHAYA / Dmitri LAMTYUGIN BLR 1
    14th Harghita Cup 2007
    12th Zagreb JGP 2007
    Didn’t reach Jr. World Championships final, but did compete there

    2 Kharis RALPH / Asher HILL CAN 2
    4th Lake Placid JGP 2007
    12th Sheffield JGP 2007
    8th World JR Championship
    At LPIDC, Starlight Waltz 30.24 CD OD 41.95 FD 62.49

    Paso Doble CD

    Their OD outfits, as shown at Lake Placid IDC

    Their FD outfits
    Here's a video of their South African Folk Dance OD from World Jrs 2008

    This year's programs:
    OD - They Can't Take That Away From Me (originally by Gershwin, I'm not sure what version they're using)
    FD - St. James' Infirmary

    3 Maja VERMEULEN / Andrew DOLEMAN CAN 2

    At LPIDC Starlight Waltz 26.87 CD OD 37.56 FD 52.81
    Some pictures:
    Initial Paso Doble LPIDC

    Initial Starlight Waltz LPIDC

    OD photograph Lake Placid IDC

    FD photograph Lake Placid IDC (possible misidentification by me)

    This year's programs:
    OD - Cheek to Cheek & Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen

    4 Xueting GUAN / Meng WANG CHN 3

    19th Jr Worlds

    5 Lucie MYSLIVECKOVA / Matej NOVAK CZE 4

    12th at Jr Worlds
    2nd Sheffield JGP 2007
    4th Estonia JGP 2007

    World Jr. Championships OD Ieva’s Polka

    6 Oksana KLIMOVA / Sasha PALOMÄKI FIN 5
    23rd at Jr. Worlds

    Fish slapping OD from the Jr. Worlds Championship

    FD from Jr. Worlds

    7 Anne Sophie BILET / Adrien HAMON FRA 6

    8 Terra FINDLAY / Benoit RICHAUD FRA 6

    9 Charlene GUIGNARD / Guillaume PAULMIER FRA 6
    5th lake placid JGP 2007
    9th sofia JGP 2007
    18th Jr Worlds

    10 Dominique DIECK / Michael ZENKNER GER 7

    11 Dora TUROCZI / Balazs MAJOR HUN 8
    9th Harghita Cup
    15th Sheffield JGP 2007


    Clip of an exhibition they did

    4th Estonia (Tailinn) JGP 2007
    13 Elizaveta TCHETINKINA / Denis SMIRNOV RUS 9

    5th at Sheffield JGP 2007
    7th Estonia

    14 Nikola VISNOVA / Lukas CSOLLEY SVK 10
    13th at Vienna JGP 2007
    17th at Jr Worlds 2008

    15 Ruslana JURCHENKO / Alexander LIUBCHENKO UKR 11

    16 Anastasia VYKHODTSEVA / Alexei SHUMSKI UKR 11


    Coaches Sphilband /Zoueva

    4th US National championships in Juniors. Their programs from US Nationals are on icenetwork. They are at the 8:30 minute on the CD, which was the Viennese Waltz.

    They are the 8th skaters shown in the OD coverage on icenetwork US Nationals. The OD is a great one. It is a Japanese folk dance using a fan as a prop.

    They did well at LPIDC:
    OD scored 49.43 Jr B In the same competition the Hubbells scored 48.50 in the senior competition and Crone/ Poirier 50.01 in the senior competion.
    FD 72.96
    Starlight 31.08



    National Novice Champions 2007 FD Memoirs of a Geisha

    This year's programs:
    OD Big Band Music
    FD Cinema Paradiso Soundtrack

    18 Chloe WOLF / Rhys AINSWORTH USA 12

    At LPIDC Starlight 27.83 OD 39.95 FD 54.26
    US National Novice Champions

    Paso Doble CD

    Lake Placid OD outfits

    FD outfits

    US Novice Champions. Last year's FD to Les Miserables may be seen on icenetwork. They are last to skate in the FD.

    This year's programs:
    FD - The Matrix

    I will be adding more info as I find it, and hope you all will, too!

    I am looking to the Shibutanis, Ralph & Hill, Mysliveckova & Novak, and the Russian teams to be the class of this event. I wish I knew more about the Russian teams, though.
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    The ISU biographies of the following skaters, who are scheduled to skate at Courchevel, have been updated with their new programs:

    Vermuelen / Doleman (CAN)
    OD Foxtrot/Swing

    Ralph / Hill (CAN)
    OD foxtrot
    FD And then there was blues

    Guan/Wang (CHN)
    OD All I Do Is Dream of You (soundtrack) - Music from the 1930s
    FD Love in Campo by Dalin Liu

    Mysliveckova / Novak(CZE)
    OD Blues 1949, Quickstep: Step by Step
    FD La Notte Eterna by Emma Shaplin

    Klimova /Palomaki (FIN)
    OD Foxtrot (1930s): Cheek to Cheek by I. Berlin, Quickstep (1930s): I Want Dance
    FD Libertango by A. Piazzolla - modern version performed by Bond

    Csolley/Visnova (SVK)
    OD Charleston - Aviator soundtrack
    FD Michael Jackson Medley

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    Here's the link to's Courchevel dance preview:

    ETA: The following was originally posted at:
    Quote Originally Posted by chuckm View Post
    Here are some scores for the Courchevel Ice Dance competitors. Some are a lot more recent than others, so take them all with a grain of salt and some common sense:

    51.77 17.95 33.82 FNR JW '08 (30th) ASADCHAYA / LAMTYUGIN (BLR)
    98.19 16.92 32.52 48.75 JGP CRO '07

    132.62 28.18 41.95 62.49 Lake Placid '08 RALPH/HILL (CAN)
    144.29 27.36 47.50 69.43 JW '08 (8th)

    116.23 25.86 37.56 52.81 Lake Placid '08 VERMEULEN/DOLEMAN (CAN)
    123.31 24.08 38.55 60.68 JGP GER '07 (9th)

    122.02 22.12 39.89 60.01 JW '08 (19th) GUAN/WANG (CHN)

    137.56 30.43 43.86 63.27 JW '08 (12th) MYSLIVECKOVA/NOVAK (CZE)
    148.08 28.55 47.21 72.32 JGP GBR '07 (2nd)

    117.05 23.14 38.48 55.43 JW '08 (23rd) KLIMOVA / PALOMAKI (FIN)

    122.78 24.83 40.90 57.05 JW '08 (18th) GUIGNARD/PAULMIER (FRA)
    123.00 25.16 41.32 56.52 JGP BUL '07 (9th)

    113.91 21.47 36.25 56.19 JGP GBR '07 (14th) TUROCZI/MAJOR (HUN)
    115.78 23.20 37.59 54.99 JGP ROU '07 (9th)

    126.06 24.00 38.80 63.26 JGP EST '07 (7th) BATURINTSEVA/VOLOBUIEV (RUS)

    144.86 27.58 47.86 69.42 JGP GBR '07 (5th) TCHETINKINA/SMIRNOV (RUS)
    139.13 27.35 45.59 66.19 JGP AUT '07 (6th)

    123.33 22.81 40.17 60.35 JW '08 (17th) VISNOVA/CSOLLEY (SVK)
    126.74 23.76 41.23 61.75 JGP GER '07 (8th)

    142.56 28.24 46.77 67.55 JGP BUL '07 (3rd) VYKHODTSEVA/SHUMSKI (UKR)
    141.02 26.39 44.72 69.91 JGP AUT '07 (4th)

    138.18 24.75 44.41 69.02 NRW '07 (4th Jr) YURCHENKO / LYUBCHENKO (UKR)

    153.47 31.08 49.43 72.96 LK PLACID '08 SHIBUTANI/SHIBUTANI (USA)

    119.19 26.87 38.06 54.26 LK PLACID '08 WOLF/AINSWORTH (USA)



    Based on available info, I'd say these are the competitive teams (in no particular order):

    Ralph/Hill (CAN)
    Mysliveckova/Novak (CZE)
    Tchetinkina/Smirnov (RUS)
    Vykhodtseva/Shumski (UKR)
    Shibutani/Shibutani (USA)
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    8 Terra FINDLAY / Benoit RICHAUD FRA 6
    I *think* this is their new OD:
    They finished 2nd at JrNats last year beating GUIGNARD/PAULMIER

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    The starting orders for the CD are now up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandra_persch View Post
    The starting orders for the CD are now up.
    Apparently, we will not see these LIVE on IceNetwork unless someone knows more.

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    There's something call the Orange channel in Europe that may have a live internet stream. Just what their coverage will be, I don't know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dorispulaski View Post
    There's something call the Orange channel in Europe that may have a live internet stream. Just what their coverage will be, I don't know.
    So far only men free will be broadcasted...

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    More ice dance news, from Becky Bereswill's IceNetwork blog: Lost Luggage Roulette lands on the Shibutanis! Though it seems they were able to carry on not only their costumes, but even their skates! Lucky them.

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