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Thread: Jennifer Don updated her journal

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    Jennifer Don updated her journal

    Jonathon and I also attended the Chicago Seminar that the USFSA held to educate the athletes about the new points system. I paid close attention and asked lots of questions, since I will be dealing with the new judging system in both singles and pairs this season. The points system seems promising, but at the same time is soo new. I think that there are still some holes in the system, but once that is fixed, the new judging system could have a lot of potential. Unfortunately, it looks like there will have to be some trial and error this season to fix the problems. As a skater, my mindset has not changed. All I could control in the 6.0 system was how I skated, and that is still the only thing that I control in the new system.
    If you look up her photo gallery, there are a couple of pictures of Jenny Don and Jenny Kirk.

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