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    Axel Woes

    So, I started landing my axel about a year ago. All was well.
    Then, I did not have many lessons this summer so my technique was completely messed up. My coach told me to take a break from the jump and I did. I then started working on half axels and am now working on the axel from a stand still. It is frustrating but I know everything will work out in the long run.
    I really want my axel back and have been working hard on it. In the mean time, however, my doubles have improved immensely.

    Has something like this ever happened to any else?

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    Absolutely! I have lost mine every year for the past 3 years and only finally got it consistent this year. If you're having trouble on the axel but not on your doubles, then the problem is probably the position of your body on the takeoff edge. The big breakthrough for me this year was thinking, "Arch" as I step out onto the takeoff edge. Arching my back keeps me lined up over my hips with my weight on the ball of the blade (you want your shoulders pulled back but your chest over the takeoff knee so you don't pre-rotate or "waxel").

    Once I'm on the takeoff edge, I think, "straight" and I make sure I am still looking at what I saw when I stepped out onto the edge.

    A few other things to focus on:
    - Keep your free leg completely still until takeoff, with the leg turned out and bent. If you feel your foot, you probably moved it.
    - When you take off, roll all the way up to the toepick and point your toes so you take off straight up.
    - As you leave the ice, lead with your right shin, so your right leg is bent, but not so bent that you are lifting your knee way up.
    - After takeoff, snap your right hip in, then point the right leg down to the ice and hit your right shin with the calf of your left leg.
    - Waltz-loops and waltz-loop-loops are great for making sure you are doing the takeoff and snap right.

    Good luck!!
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    Your axel issue is completely normal. Nearly every skater loses his/her axel at some point before the jump becomes truly consistent. Often times weird habits form without before a skater even realizes what the problem is, which can be especially common when a skater is beginning to think he/she is finally "getting" the jump. All of a sudden what worked three weeks ago has become a sort of flawed technique, and often attempts to fix poor technique feel incorrect when in actuality your body (or rather "muscle memory") is relearning the correct takeoff, in-air, or landing technique/position. Remember

    Perhaps go back to the basics. Axel walk-throughs are helpful as are backspins and waltz-backspins. When you do these exercises, make sure you're leading in [to the jump] with your left shoulder in front (if you're a CCW skater) and that you bring the right knee up and through before transfering your weight and crossing the feet.

    Good luck!

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