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Thread: Skate for Hope

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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchherder View Post
    Emily's mother was in attendance, and Emily did a rose presentation to her after her performance. There were many such presentations throughout the show, with skaters presenting roses to family and friends who had battled cancer. As the skater skated over to present the roses to the friend or family member, they played audio of the skater telling who the person was that the performance was dedicated to and why. It was quite lovely.

    Thanks dutchherder for the information and Sylvia for the link to the photos. I suspected that Amy Hughes would be in attendance there. What a nice ceremony - presenting roses. It sounds very touching.

    The photos are really nice. It was great seeing pictures of TT/MM on the ice. It's been awhile. I think I last saw them perform live in 2006 COI.
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    I really need to start remembering about this event because I would have gone had I remembered it was coming up this past weekend! Columbus is only two hours away from me. Thanks so much for the reviews and pictures and I'm glad the show went well.

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