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Thread: Entry lists are up

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    Entry lists are up

    The entries for Spain are online.

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    And to group them in one place:

    1 Matthew PRECIOUS AUS 1
    2 Pierre-Luc GAGNON CAN 2
    3 Jackson WOOD CAN 2
    4 Sebra YEN TPE 3
    5 Petr BIDAR CZE 4
    6 Marco ZAKOURIL CZE 4
    7 Otto-Eemeli LAAMANEN FIN 5
    8 Chafik BESSEGHIER FRA 6
    9 Romain PONSART FRA 6
    10 Daniel DOTZAUER GER 7
    11 Elliot HILTON GBR 8
    12 Dennies TO HON-LAM HKG 9
    13 Saverio GIACOMELLI ITA 10
    14 Tatsuki MACHIDA JPN 11
    15 Abzal RAKIMGALIEV KAZ 12
    16 Boyito MULDER NED 13
    17 Sebastian IWASAKI POL 14
    18 Andrew HUERTAS PUR 15
    19 Oh-Reum CHA KOR 16
    20 Artur GACHINSKI RUS 17
    21 Artem GRIGORIEV RUS 17
    22 Jakub STROBL SVK 18
    23 Javier FERNANDEZ ESP 19
    24 Aritz MAETSU ESP 19
    25 Javier RAYA ESP 19
    26 Anton TRUVE SWE 20
    27 Laurent ALVAREZ SUI 21
    28 Noah SCHERER SUI 21
    29 Nikolai BONDAR UKR 22
    30 Dmitri KUZMENKO UKR 22
    31 Eliot HALVERSON USA 23


    1 Ariana TARRADO RIBES AND 1
    2 Jamiee NOBBS AUS 2
    4 Erika TISLUCK CAN 3
    5 Crystal KIANG TPE 4
    6 Signe MAGNUSSEN DEN 5
    7 Jasmine Alexandra COSTA EST 6
    8 Alisa MIKONSAARI FIN 7
    9 Cecilia TÖRN FIN 7
    10 Isabel HEINTGES GER 8
    11 Nathalie WEINZIERL GER 8
    12 Georgia GLASTRIS GRE 9
    13 Hiu Tung TO HKG 10
    14 Katherine HADFORD HUN 11
    15 Clara PETERS IRL 12
    16 Jenna SYKEN ISR 13
    17 Alice GARLISI ITA 14
    18 Kanako MURAKAMI JPN 15
    19 Mari SUZUKI JPN 15
    20 Loretta HAMUI MEX 16
    21 Merovee EPHREM MON 17
    22 Manouk GIJSMAN NED 18
    23 Anine RABE NOR 19
    24 Marta OLCZAK POL 20
    25 Hyeon-Jung KIM KOR 21
    26 Ekaterina KOZIREVA RUS 22
    27 Ksenia MAKAROVA RUS 22
    28 Karolina SYKOROVA SVK 23
    29 Patricia GLESCIC SLO 24
    30 Marta GARCIA ESP 25
    31 Sonia LAFUENTE ESP 25
    32 Celia ROBLEDO ESP 25
    33 Rebecka EMANUELSSON SWE 26
    34 Caroline PETERSSON SWE 26
    35 Noemie SILBERER SUI 27
    36 Mimi Tanasorn CHINDASOOK THA 28
    37 Anastasia LISTOPAD UKR 29
    38 Becky BERESWILL USA 30
    39 Kristine MUSADEMBA USA 30


    1 Sonja PAULI / Tobias EISENBAUER AUT 1
    2 Aleksandra FRIDRIKH / Sergei PLISHKIN BLR 2
    3 Lora SEMOVA / Dimitar LICHEV BUL 3
    4 Alexandra PAUL / Jason CHEPERDAK CAN 4
    5 Catherine ST. ONGE / Alexander BROWN CAN 4
    6 Emili ARM / Rodion BOGDANOV EST 5
    7 Pauline HEMMLER / Benjamin ALLAIN FRA 6
    8 Juliane HASLINGER / Tom FINKE GER 7
    9 Nikki GEORGIADIS / Graham HOCKLEY GRE 8
    10 Emese LASZLO / Mate FEJES HUN 9
    11 Lorenza ALESSANDRINI / Simone VATURI ITA 10
    12 Federica TESTA / Andrea MALNATI ITA 10
    13 Jekaterina SERGEJEVA / Andrejs SITIKS LAT 11
    14 Alissandra ARONOW / Aleksandr PIROGOV LTU 12
    15 Anastasia GAVRYLOVYCH / Maciej BERNADOWSKI POL 13
    16 Ekaterina RIAZANOVA / Jonathan GUERREIRO RUS 14
    17 Angelina TELEGINA / Viktor ADONIEV RUS 14
    18 Sara HURTADO / Adria DIAZ ESP 15
    19 Xenia CHEPIZHKO / Sergei SHEVCHENKO UKR 16
    20 Anastasia VYKHODTSEVA / Alexei SHUMSKI UKR 16
    22 Rachel TIBBETTS / Collin BRUBAKER USA 17
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    FYI, all the USA entries are considered provisional at this time and are not official until published on the USFS site.

    Since Halverson did not finish in the top 4 in Courchevel, another USA man will likely be sent to Madrid (the 4 listed substitutes without an assignment yet are William Brewster J9 at Nats, Austin Kanallakan J10, Grant Hochstein J11, and Ross Miner N2).

    ETA: USFS usually follows most recent Nationals results when it comes to assigning their JGP alternates... we will have to wait and see what happens.
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    I hope they send Ross Miner!

    I'm also not confident of Artur Gachinski showing up, since he did not appear at Courcheval.

    However, that's the official roster as of week, you can guarantee there will be changes.

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    Gatchinski is supposed to be the next big thing. I would like to see him skate.

    I suppose Borodulin has gone on to Seniors. I think he has the most potential.

    btw. Cheers for the French for showing at least the Men Live!! can we expect this from other countries involved with the Junior GPs?

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    William Brewster got the call as the 1st men's alternate for the USA. USFS published their entries for Madrid today at:
    In addition to Courchevel medalists Musademba, Shibutani/Shibutani, Bereswill and Mahbanoozadeh, Brewster, 18, will make his JGP debut (in his last season of ISU junior eligibility) and this will be Tibbetts/Brubaker's first JGP of the season.

    Skate Canada updated their JGP assignments for Madrid at:
    Ladies: Rylie McCulloch-Casarsa (her 2nd assignment)
    Men: Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Patrick Wong
    Dance: Alexandra Paul/Jason Cheperdak, Catherine St. Onge/Alexander Brown

    The ISU rosters have been updated as of Sept. 10th with the latest Canadian and USA assignments. Other changes: Mark Vaillant replaces Ponsart for FRA, Erika Tisluck is no longer listed as the second lady for CAN, Royer/Leze replace Hemmler/Allain in dance for FRA, and Plutowska/Pietrzynski replace Gavrylovych/Bernadowski in dance for POL.

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    I can see Berewill and Musademba vieing for gold and Armin will be on the podium. Don't know anything about Brewster. The Shibutani's should skate away with this. Hoping Tibbets/Brubaker skate really well. I though they were underscored at last Nats.

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    Sylvia, do you know anything about the Japanese girls at this competition?

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    love William's skating... is he competing or still just an alternate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oleada View Post
    Sylvia, do you know anything about the Japanese girls at this competition?
    I'm not Sylvia, but I know about Mari and Kanako.

    I don't think Mari will be contending for a medal - she was 10th at Junior Nationals last year and her personal best score isn't very high. She achieved the amazing feat of having both her lutz and flip score deducted because of a wrong edge take-off in the LP. She seems to have all the triples, but flutz/lip, lack of consistency and lack of combos kept her score low.

    Kanako is a very promising skater. She is coached by Machiko Yamada (former coach of Midori Ito and Mao Asada). She used to have all the jumps and even landed an (underrotated, but still) 3A. Recently, however, she had a huge growth spurt. It affected her harder triples - she has problems to rotate them fully. She also had an arm injury last spring.

    A montage created before the growth spurt hit:

    Her LP, "Tango de los Exilados" skated in March 2008 (after she started growing):
    (LP starts at 2:22)

    A very recent exhibition (The Ice 2008):
    (It looks like she's got a lot of the speed, power and confidence back, but the timing on the jumps is still off.)

    She has great musicality and expression for her age, her spins are very nice as well. I'd say she's the one to look out for in the future, but right now underrotations and/or popped jumps might keep her score low.

    The Japanese media love her already and there were a few programs about her and her training mate, Sayaka Matsubara. Kanako's favourite skater is Mao Asada, while Sayaka's - YuNa Kim, so the media treat their rivarly as sort of a next coming of Mao/YuNa rivalry.

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