I guess everyone is going ga-ga this season with Tango's! There is nothing worse that a poorly put together tango program, which is very common, and trust me most of this season's up and coming tango programs are gonna fall flat.

Tango's are true test to choreographers and skaters as like. A well-put tango program is challenging and attention to detail is necessary. And on the skater part, he or she can either do it or not. Great maturity is require to pull of a great tango, which requires so much precision, passion, and emotion.

Putting Tango on ice is no easy task for both both pairs/dance, and even more challenging for singles. But here in my opinion are some of the best tango's I've seen:

Emanuel Sandhu - 2006 SP Tango
His dancing ability made this program shine. Fantastic lines and great "man" passion which is so critical for a program like this.


Jeffery Buttle - Adios Nonino -
Choice of acoustic piano was perfect. Only few skaters like Buttle is talented enough to pull "raw" pieces like this. Big improvement from his 2001 attempt at Piazzolla.


Dance: Free Programs

Punsalan / Swallow : 1998 Oblivion
You would think most dance teams would have dance tango's down... Best Free Dance based on a Tango came from this highly underrated US Team. One of the Best FD at 98 Olympics in my opinion.


Ladies: Unfortunately I think ladies have done the weakest attempt at tango's. To many juniorish tango de roxanne programs to last me a life time. Best ones are:

Tatiana Malinina: 1999 Libertango
So much maturity from the famous Aladdin! The judges really appreciated her footwork sequence. And probably the most terrifying ending pose ever...THOSE NAILS! Sorry can't find a version online.

Lu Chen had a nice tango SP in 98. I wasn't her best but did show the sexy provocative side of tangos.... And Fumie had a interesting Percussion Tango FP in 2005, but still wasn't a "stellar" program for me. I was always disappointed that Butyrskaya never did a competitive tango program, she's one of the few mature female skaters who could have pull one off.

Pairs: ugh.....Like the ladies, many OK attempts at tango. Only really memorable one was:

Sale & Pelletier: 2002 SP: Jalousie