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Thread: Favourite single male skater(s) ....

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    Favourite single male skater(s) ....

    Sorry, this poll is only on the eligible one's - and only five, as usual. But I'd like to see as many replies as possible, just state the male skaters you like (and why?), no matter if eligible, pro and how old they are ...


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    Re: Favourite single male skater(s) ....

    I thought I would surprise everyone and vote for Alexei.:lol: :lol: The reason I voted for him is in my opinion the best male skater today. Alexei works hard and it shows. I think that when Alexei competes he expects to win because winning is as Jenna Morasca, Survivor, said--<em>winning is beating your best competition.</em> I could go on and on as to why he is my favorite but I will end here.


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    Re: Favourite single male skater(s) ....

    Well, you said "old." Some of my favorites are Rudy Galindo, Brian Orser and Victor Petrenko. What I like about them, as professional skaters, is that they know how to work the audience. We came to the ice show to have fun, and these marvelously talented skaters always deliver.


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    sk8ing lady2001

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    Re: Favourite single male skater(s) ....

    Of the current eligibles, Alexei's skating is wonderful for obvious reasons. One of them being the footwork. Of the old pros, I used to love watching Paul Wylie skate. His footwork was excellent and could be matched by few. I've always loved his presentation and how artistic he is.

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    Re: Favourite single male skater(s) ....

    I picked Timmy since he is my current favorite. But, I also like Brian Boitano and Rudy G.

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    Re: Favourite single male skater(s) ....

    I don't have any ONE favorite male skater. I try to pick them out when they first come on the scene (the scene being what ABC let's me see) and from that viewing I decide which one I think has talent to bring them to the top levels of skating. I enjoy my system of following their amateur careers.

    I have thought highly of the following from when I first saw them: Alexander Abt; Johnny Weir; Ilia Klimkin; Stephan Lambiel; Jeffrey Buttle. I've added Davidov(sp) from Belorus; maybe Malina's husband (forget his name) and Kevin van de Perren(sp)

    I have no preference for the Big Five listed (it's a quad fest more than a figure skate), but I do appreciate their talents.


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    Re: Favourite single male skater(s) ....

    I chose Alexei Yagudin... I really feel he's found what Kurt only found after he was getting ready to go pro...

    as for the "older skaters"/pro skaters
    Scott Hamilton, Paul Wylie, Kurt Browning, Brian Orser, Brian Boitano, and Steven Cousins all have special places in my heart :D

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    Re: Favourite single male skater(s) ....

    I choose Alexie for eligible male skaters and Kurt Browning for old gens. I like skaters who can skate with passion and abondant along with the music. As some poster mentioned before their foot work always full of passions and they have the ability to make the chroegraphed stuff themselves.

    The Gladiator was one of the best from Alexie Y. Too bad he had not be able to skate the full jump loaded version cleanly. But the version he skated with two nives was really, really good (I forgot the what name of cheesfest?). I hope some day he'll bring it back, this is my all time favorate male LP.

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    Re: Favourite single male skater(s) ....

    Like Dee I'll surprise everyone but not like Dee I'm voting for Evgeny, although I really like Alexei (why did you have to put them BOTH up there?!).


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    Mine ....

    Some short, personal notes about my faves:


    Alexei Yagudin:
    Further explanations unneccessary, nobody does it better ....

    Takeshi Honda:
    His skating is soooo musical and lyrical - I could watch him on and on, he doesn't even have to jump. Fortunately he's become more consistant during the past two years, but I WANT him finally to win a real BIG one! He deserves it so much!

    Evgeny Plushenko:
    Phenomenal skater, again, p-h-e-n-o-m-e-n-a-l skater, but unfortunately still equipped with the wrong staff and stuff.

    Jeffrey Buttle:
    Immense talent, natural-born skater, one can sense he really loves what he does. And his SP from 2002 (the one in Alexei's "Revolution" costume ... ) was one of the best I've ever watched. But will I see him at next years Worlds in Germany?

    PRO's / PAST's:

    Ilia Kulik:
    A brilliant skater, versatile, artistic, good looking and a self-made-guy as well ... IMHO unbelievable underrated.

    Kurt Browning:
    Is there really something Kurt couldn't do?

    Viktor Petrenko:
    As an eligible I always prefered him over Kurt. This has changed a bit ... but still, elegant skater, great guy, impressing programs (Tosca, Romeo & Juliet, and a Jazz number - can't remember the name - where he imitates a Jazz pianist perfectly ...). Just wish he would never've presented those sometimes too silly numbers ...

    Robin Cousins:
    More a sentimental favourite, I hardly remember one single program. I stayed awake the entire night just to watch him winning his Olympic Gold 1980 in Lake Placid. He was my idol then; even though his main rival was a German, Jan Hoffmann.

    Anke _ _ _ _
    _ _ _ _

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    Alexei Yagudin is my favorite by a long shot. He puts so much feeling and emotion into his performances and that entertains me more than any quadruple jump ever could. Although, he does those quite well too! He has always been the male Michelle for me, he blends the technical and artistic elements together so well. He's the sensitive artist that has had bumps in the road but always comes back fighting with heart.

    Goebel has grown on me, especially after 03 Worlds. Before I wished him well but I couldn't really say that I enjoyed his skating, this year I actually sensed a pulse! He was skating with some feeling and I am confident that he will only improve.

    Honda is a musical skater and I do so love that! My hope for him is that he will become more consistent. Then the top two steps on the podium will be well in his reach!

    Plushenko is another skater that has grown on me. I wasn't impressed with him until his 2001 Worlds performances. He was so precise technically and had a better overall sense of presentation. Since then I've come to enjoy him more and more.

    I couldn't fairly comment on Joubert, I've only seen small segments of his performances.


    Paul Wylie - For me, he set the mark by which artistry in men's skating is measured! He wore his heart on his sleeve and let you experience every emotion along with him.

    Ilia Kulik - I'll say that he was underrated also, but I think that has to do with the fact that he wasn't in the spotlight long enough to capture all the attention he deserved. He was impressive in 96 but not quite there yet and 97 proved to be a difficult season. Nagano was his event and his alone! "Rhapsody in Blue" is a classic to me, everything was smooth and perfect.

    Others include Kurt Browning, Elvis Stojko and Todd Eldredge.

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    Re: Alexei

    Emaneul Sandhu - for besides the beautiful carriage, amazing musicality and dancing ability, he also truly BELIEVES in what he does and what he is as a skater - which, to me, makes him a true artist. "Purple Rain" made me totally speechless. He shows every bit of honesty and passion in every move he does in the program, and one sees he has an unique vision of what his own art should be all about. I don't think we will ever see another skater who is able to or even dares to perform to this level (Oksana Baiul is the only skater who comes close IMO).

    Alexei Yagudin - for his courage to reveal himself on the ice, his power and strength as a skater, and his emotion as a human being. I feel that when he skates to programs such as "Tosca" and "Gladiator", he is seeing and feeling his own anguish and struggle through the program, which is how he made them come across so powerful and touching. It's like an emotional release for himself and the audience watching. I also love how one can obviously see his child like passion when he is doing something he loves (ala skating to "Winter" and the Safri Duo number).

    Stephane Lambiel - for his unbelievable musicality and charisma. His expression is the combination of boyish charm and manly grace. I saw his exhibition number from this year's Euros and I was completely blown away. The way he moves to the music is absolutely phenomenal. Like Sandhu, he is naturally musical. But he also has a raw, improvising quality to his movements that makes him appear natural and free. I just love watching him move.

    Stanick Jeanette - for his abandon and faith in what he does. He may not be the most graceful skater nor has the finest skating qualities, but when he's on the ice, he always gives it 110% and we can all strongly feel his love and passion for skating. I get the feeling that he doesn't care how far up he'll ever go in the ranking because to him, performing and being able to present the wonderful choreographic ideas are all that matter. Sometimes I think it's a shame that skaters like him still have to worry about landing the triple axel and the quad, which distracts them from performing to their fullest.

    Man, I feel that this IS the era of men's figure skating, and it's not just about the quads!

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    Re: Alexei Yagudin

    I voted for Alexei, no doubt about that. :D :D :D :D :D


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    Re: Favourite single male skater(s) ....

    Tough question. I have three favorites

    Alexander Abt: No one skates with the emotion and freedom he does. He lives his music. He has the best edging and is one of the most gifted skaters.

    Alexei Yagudin: He skates with such power, heart and soul!!

    Evgeny Plushenko: Absolutly amazing and a great sense of humor too!!!


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    Re: Alexei

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>Emaneul Sandhu - for besides the beautiful carriage, amazing musicality and dancing ability, he also truly BELIEVES in what he does and what he is as a skater - which, to me, makes him a true artist.[/quote] Can you elaborate, please?

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