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Thread: Favourite single male skater(s) ....

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    Re: Alexei

    If I could. Emanuel has his own way of doing things and he doesn't care what others may say about him. From watching him skate, you can tell he has total confidence in his style and form. Every move is powerful and sure. But more over, like a said, he has a vision of what his skating is supposed to be like, and it's not just about throwing different moves together or making himself look elegant. He may not be everybody's cup of tea; people may not think what he does is always appropriate or appreciat it, but there's no denying of his faith in what he thinks is art.
    These are all based on my own experience of watching him, of course.

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    Re: Emanuel

    Thank you kindly.

    Btw, I asked because I like to see someone/something through the eyes of someone who really appreciates them, likes them very much, etc. But I was also curious about one more thing; you mentioned that he "truly believes in what he does." I remember reading an interview with him (a link to which was posted here or at FSU), where he said -- <em>if</em> I remember correctly -- something like that he doesn't know if he wants to be a skater anymore, and he was never sure if it's something he'd like to do for a longer period of time. I guess it surprised me because it made him sound as if he wasn't really committed to what he does.

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    Re: Emanuel

    You are very welcome. I only wish I could express myself better :D

    As for Emanuel being uncertain about being a skater, I think it's two different things. When I said he "truly believes in what he does" I meant that he knows what he's doing when he skates and is well aware of what he wants his skating/art to look like. But I think Emanuel, known for having an intriguing and contradicting personality, is also at an uncertain stage of his career as well as his life. He for sure loves his skating, but there's much more involved in a career than simple passion.

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    Fave Male Skaters...

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    This one made me think!

    Current favorites are Plushy and Yags. I want to see Mike actually skate to his potential because I enjoy his artistry.

    Past favorites include Brian B, Scott and Kurt (more after he turned pro, I think he really came into his own).

    This topic made me realize I seem to pay more attention to the women.

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