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Thread: On Icenetwork - Friday

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    On Icenetwork - Friday

    You have to take off from work or school the whole day. Tell the boss or the teacher that you had a touch of the teb and only rest can make it go away.

    All Times Eastern

    8 am Comulsory dance

    9:20 am Men's Short

    11:15 am Pairs Short

    12:40 pm Ladies Short

    2:30 pm Original Dance.

    The above is what I got from Icenetwork.

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    I wish!!!! but i'll have to wait untill Saturday to watch anything live.
    I COULD beg my mom to let me bring her laptop to school, and watch it inbetween classes
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    OMG - a touch of the teb, that is hilarious ( might actually sound convincing!).

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    Yes! I have no classes on Fridays AND I get work off that day as well this week.
    Course that means I have to work Saturday morning but still.
    Yay. Ice Dance twice in one day. I'll wait till then to fix my IP thing (again, sigh).

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