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Thread: Results-ice dance

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    I think it's high likely that these three US teams; Shibutanis, Mady/Greg and Hubbells will be at the JGF.:

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    Agree, Samba. Also: Ralph/Hill, Riazanova/Guerreiro, and possibly Monko/Khaliavin. That makes 6.

    The remaining two spots will likely be up for grabs among Agafonova/Dun (7th at JW), Alessandrini/Vaturi and Mysliveckova/Novak (provided M/N have a much better outing at JGP CZE and do-not-fall)

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckm View Post
    Joe it's pretty clear from the lineup at Mexico City next week that Ralph/Hill are very likely to punch their ticket there for the JGPF.
    You know chuckm, I just keep thinking it's the Sr. GP and not more than 6 skaters or teams can be in that group. also I was thinking there are several more contests, so no firm predictons by me yet.

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