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Thread: Queer Eye/Boy Meets Boy

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    I LOVE Queer Eye For The Straight Guy! I think it really is funny (espcially Carson ), and they do make the straight guys look A LOT better.
    I saw about 5 min. of Boy Meets Boy and wasn't all that impressed. It was too much like Extreme Dating, ect.

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    Originally posted by mpal2
    I missed the shows last Tuesday. I know they are repeating the fab 5, but will they also reshow the last of Boy Meets Boy?
    They did yesterday (since it's already after midnight) on Bravo, I think. I watched two last episodes. I have to say that it was so much better than "Bachelor"(?). It was more about people's interactions than a contest. No cattiness, just people having fun.

    The guy James picked was great, but I would've picked the other one. He had such beautiful eyes , and was really sweet. The straight guy - no spark there whatsoever.

    Grgranny, I can understand you may not like the idea of something like that at all, but by calling it all sick, you are putting someone down.
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