Do you remember some of the wonderful magazine covers that featured some of our favorite figure skaters?

Sports Illustrated, 1968 - "US Olympic Champion Peggy Fleming".
Peggy was shown stroking on an outdoor rink in Grenoble, France, the morning after she won her gold medal. She was wearing the chartreuse green dress her mother had sewn for her.

Life Magzine, 1968 - "Olympic Charmer, Peggy Fleming". Peggy was shown on the podium, waving to the crowd, with her gold medal wrapped around her neck.

Sports Illustrated, 1976 - Olympic preview issue that featured Dorothy Hamill twirling in a butterfly move (I think). Her hair was flying in the air. Dorothy was then a 3-time US champion and two-time World silver medalist. She was picked as a potential medalist, but not particularly as the gold medalist.

Sports Illustrated, 1988 - "Bravo Brian!" - Brian Boitano, the US men's gold medalist, was shown landing one of his triples, with a great, big smile. The cover story's title was "Great Skates" - and was it ever a night of great skating!

Sports Illustrated, 1992 - "American Dream" - Kristi Yamaguchi, the women's gold medalist, was shown with her gold medal, the first American woman to claim Olympic gold since Peggy Fleming.

Sports Illustrated, 1998, - "You Go, Girls!" - featured the American trio of Michelle Kwan, Tara Lipinski, and Nicole Bobek.

This is just a partial list -- there are plenty more magazine covers featuring our favorite figure skaters......any suggestions?