DJStu actually gave me this idea with his post on the confessions "thread." What IF they QEFSG gents were able to work with figure skaters? What would you suggest they change?

Plushy: DITCH the mullet!!! A buzz cut, a braid, a nicely done shag, anything but the mullet!!! And how about some nice, tailored, PLAINER costumes in colors found in nature?

Michelle: A skating dress with sleeves, maybe, just once in while? You have the loveliest arms and neck, but just once, something that doesn't look like a decorated swimsuit with a skirt.

Sasha: Repeat after me, NO V-NECKLINES!!! You are so gorgeous, buts let not emphasize what isn't there. And there is music outside of the over-skated classics...

Surya: This is called a skirt. It covers the ENTIRE hip and buns area. Another cry for colors found in nature, too.

Irina: This is a skirt with an even, one length hemline. Give it a try. See "Sasha" regarding overused music.

Michael Weiss: Skating pants do not have to be tourniquets. You are not Tom Jones.

Timmy: One book on your head for posture lessons to stand up straight.

AP: (Actually AP's mother): Step away from the bedazzler, ma'am. That's an order.

OK, your turn!!!!