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Thread: Homecoming Dresses!!!

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    Homecoming Dresses!!!

    Hey! OMg! I am obsessed with talking about homecoming! Since I am a freshman this is the first one I have been to and this SUPER HOT GUY ASKED ME TO IT WHO IS A JUINOR!! yay!
    So for all of you who are going to homecoming, what do you dresses looklike?
    Mine is a long black tight fitting dress with a heart shaped front with speghetti straps and is is all over glittery! It is sooooo pretty! And i am getting chanderleer earrings that come down to my shoulders and a rhinestone choaker! O and the se stelitto helled black strappy shoes! All I have is the dress right now though! lol!
    K well like reply cause I really am excited lol! Bye!

    o and p.s., homecoming isn't even untill OCT 11!!! LOL!

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    Homecoming was a LONG time ago for me, but I can still remember the excitement of it.

    Your dress sounds wow! Hope you have fun

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    My homecoming's October 11th too . My dress is basically a longer version of Jamie Sale's "Jeleousie" Dress that she wore in 01-02 (the cream colored halter with black over it). Thats what caught my eye to begin with. I don't know how I'm going to wear my hair or what shoes to get yet, but I keep telling myself I have a month to do it...

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