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Thread: U.s. Lgp Question

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    U.s. Lgp Question

    Is the U.S. sending less people to the jgp because looking at the entries that are avaiable , Canada and Russia have more people entered into the jgp events than the u.s. For ex in the second jgp event Canada has five pair teams entered , the u.s. only has two, Canada has four dance team entered the u.s. has two. In mexicao is the same thing Canada has more poeple enterd than the u.s.. In pairs again Canada has five pairs entered , the u.s. only has two. Did Canada get more slots for the kgp than the u.s. ,if so why no offense to Canada but the u.s. had better placements at junir worlds than Canada someone explain it to me please.,00.html

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    Interesting comments you made but the link just showed events and not enries.


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    Someone responded to your same question on FSU.

    Canada has additional teams listed as substitutes in case the named skaters are unable to attend. That's what the "S" beside the entry names stands for.

    The response on FSU also stated that the US hasn't completed their entries yet.
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