I've been talking to people at CBC and they will be showing a lot of skating this season.

It starts with Skate America - 3 hours on 25 Oct at 3pm, and 2 hours on 26 Oct at 2pm. It's on at the same time whether Eastern or Pacific. But check your local guide!

They will be showing approximately 11 hours of Skate Canada on the main network starting with 2 hours at 3pm on 31Oct, 1 hour at midnight, another 4 hours on Sat 1 Nov, 2 hours on Sun and 2 hours the following weekend with the gala. They will also be showing the entire competition live on their digital network Bold. If you want to watch it live you can get the exact competition schedule here

CBC will also be showing all the other Grand Prix comps and the Final over the ensuing weeks. I don't have any details as to exact dates, or the number of hours of coverage we will get, but since they're showing 5 hours of Skate America hopefully we'll get 5 hurs of each of the others as well.

They will also be showing Canadians, Four Continents and Worlds. Although there are no details yet it is likely that there will be quite extensive coverage on the main network (ie 10-12 hours), and probably live coverage on Bold like they did last year. Here's hoping!

Check your local listings. . Now you know it's going to be on you can be on the lookout for it.

Yay for CBC!!!