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Thread: Should the "Older" Gals Go Pro?

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    Going pro or not is a skater's personal decision. I have read one pro skater complained that "Years ago we competed, and once we won the titile, we turned pro. Now skaters stay in eligible still make good living." It sounds like she is jeolous that her eligible time was not as lucky as nowadays. It's really an individual decision. You could won a gold medal and slipped off the skating circle quickly.

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    No, b/c...

    Why should they go pro? If they can still put a good skate out there - as Michelle does time and time again (think Nat'l this year!) - then why should she be relegated to the pro world just because some people think there needs to be space opened up for the young ones! (My coach is one of those people).

    As long as a skater is good enough to compete at the level they wish to compete at - no need to go pro.

    Maybe some people get tired of seeing the same skaters over and over again, but frankly, Michelle could take my breath away with her skating in '96 and she can still do it today. Keep going, girl - as long as you want to!!!!

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